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Ms Lucia Sinigagliesi [Client Services Director] as well as the International adjudicator, on Tuesday, October 15, 2012, 19:00-22:00 hours visited officially at the open theatre Ramayana Prambanan, Yogyakarta also to adjudicate the official record attempt of the world record-breaking performances of Sendratari Ramayana Prambanan, which is the largest Ramayana ballet dance in the world. Professor Timbul Haryono [Ballet dance Director], Tejo Sulystio [Arts Director], witnesses by  an official Notary Public Heri Sartono assisted by an independent team of 10 people, will check-recheck engagement to the 230 dancers and 30 musicicans or a total of 260 people during Sendratari Ramayana Prambanan performances as the largest Ramayana ballet dance. Since this time, Sendratari Ramayana Prambanan has been an official Guinness World Records title holders, it will receive a variety of support and benefits, especially concerning international marketing and promotion through various activities and events conducted from Guinness World Records Limited in London, UK. Mr. Purnomo Siswoprasetjo, President Director of PT TWC Borobodur Prambanan Ratu Boko stated that from the perspective of the tourism industry, the certificate of the Guinness World Records to Sendratari Ramayana Prambanan can be used continuously in order to conduct the promotion and marketing of domestic and international systematically through tourism network both domestically and abroad.

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