Five places to explore in Brebes for Idul Fitri

Famous for its telur asin (salted eggs), Brebes regency in Central Java actually has plenty of tourist attractions that are worth a visit during the Idul Fitri holiday.

Here’s a list of five places you can explore while passing through this regency on your way to your hometown, as compiled by KompasTravel:

1. Dewi Mangrove Sari 

Located in Kaliwlingi village in Central Java, the Dewi Mangrove Sari tourist village is an interesting destination for ecotourism enthusiasts. For around 20 minutes, visitors can expect to explore a mangrove forest by boat, as well as marvel at its beauty from a tower. 

Adventure seekers can also explore the area with a speedboat for Rp 30,000 (US$2.09).

2. Kaligua Agrotourism Tea Plantation

Nestled on the foot of Mount Slamet in Pandansari village, Paguyangan district, the Kaligua Agrotourism plantation offers Japanese-style tea that you can enjoy while wearing a kimono, which are available for rent for Rp 15,000 per set. 

Nearby, visitors can also explore Goa Jepang (Japanese cave), a popular destination among tourists.

3. Panenjoan Salem Hill


Located in Babakan hamlet, Wanoja village in Salem district, this hill provides several spots where visitors can take picturesque selfies. Thanks to its high altitude, Panenjoan Salem offers a breathtaking view to marvel.

From the city center of Brebes, visitors can reach Panenjoan Salem Hill in around three hours and enter for a small fee of Rp 5,000.

4. Tirta Husada hot spring 

If relaxing in a hot spring to take a break from driving sounds good to you, then this place is a must-visit. Situated in Kedungoleng village in Paguyangan district, Tirta Husada is also conveniently near the city center.

5. Randusanga Indah Beach

Located in Randusanga Kulon village, around 4 kilometers from the Pantura Brebes highway, Randusanga Indah Beach boasts a gorgeous panorama with lines of coconut trees in the background.

It’s also convenient to break your fast here as food vendors can easily be found around the area. (kes)  

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